Morning ladies. I know it’s early but let me start with a couple of questions. Ready? Okay here I go. First question: do you also love the midi-skirt trend but you aren’t 100% convinced this look will work for you? Are you scared you’ll look like an easter clock when wearing one or that you’ll look like a little dwarf? If you just answered YES on all of the above, you’re in for a surprise.

Uhu you guessed it. I had exactly the same thoughts when thinking about myself with a midi-skirt. But on a crazy day, I decided to try this plain black one with subtle print from H&M and I ended up buying it. It kinda looked ridiculous when seeing it with my Hello Kitty socks underneath it, but when I turned those in for a pair of heels (always take a pair to the fitting rooms!) it actually looked quite elegant. For this look I combined it with a knitted top.

Just. Because. I. Could. (Bye bye sunshine. See you next year.)

What I’m wearing: H&M top and midi-skirt, Bershka duo-tone heels, Tommy Hilfiger watch, Hema necklace.





 But what do you think? You think it’s a keeper? Or should I return it as we speak to the store? I would also love to hear if you’re wearing these type of skirts or not. Let me know!