It’s officially Spring but who’s still walking around, all dressed in black… Sighs, indeed. I am. I can’t seem to let go of all the blackness for now but who’s to blame. This weather is simply sad. But before you guys think I’m struggling with a depression (don’t worry, I’m not) and this starts to sounds way too negative: those all-black looks actually work out every time! And great outfits means more confidence. And more confidence means extra smiling.

Now, to avoid that my all black outfit implies I’m ready to leave for a funeral, I always add some details to cheer up the look. Some (pink) golden accents, some minimalstic accessories, an eye catcher like my Eleven Paris shirt and a happy subtle color on the lips can do the trick. Because a colored purse is not really my most go-to bag, I’ve picked a black and white one to join the party. It’s also fun to mix classic pieces like this long blazer with more edgy items such as the ankle boots. Want to make it more bold? Go for smokey eyes or a good old fashion thick eyeliner with a nice wing and add more bracelets.

What I’m wearing: River Island blazer with leather details, Eleven Paris black Kate Moss top, Zara black denim, Primark ankle boots, Zara scarf, Daniel Wellington watch (buy your own with 15% discount using the code ‘lovelifelovefashion’), H&M cross-body bag.




What about you? Are you already letting go of that winter wardrobe? My love for the all black looks only seems to grow stronger. Although, I ordered a white denim this weekend! That will get interesting. ;)