From navy blue, to soft (even pastel sometimes!) shades of blue. Hello Spring/almost Summer (damn, already?! #timeflies #brainfart) I think I’ve found my new go to color of the season. For years I thought I couldn’t pull of anything lighter than navy blue. And I hate to admit, but because of that, 80% of my closet consist of navy blue. After taking on black again during last winter (proof here, here and here) I took on a new challenge during a brave sunny day: Me (that pale-faced chick from Ghent) against soft colored fabrics.

Surprisingly enough, it didn’t look like I pulled a white sheet over my head. Nope I didn’t become invisible. Seems it ended up being a tie. The fast remains that some shades are really horrible for my skin tone (really: RUN!), these soft blue (and even white!) tones are actually pretty okay. At least I think so? Do tell if I need some snapping out. Perhaps I did became invisible. And blind in the process? ^^

What I’m wearing: Zara oversized white blazer, striped blouse and distressed boyfriend jeans, Mango slip-ons, Hema & Boutique Minimaliste necklace, Chanel purse, H&M belt, Daniel Wellington watch.





So there you have it ladies. Sometimes we just need to embrace new colors in or wardrobe and try out new (yes even scary) combos. You might surprise yourself!