My solution for these freezing cold days? Layering! Layers and knitted sweaters should be your number one go-to rule, to make sure you’re never too cold but not too hot either.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who used to wrap herself into thick sweaters and a big puffy coat, to finally go somewhere inside, suffering from a meltdown attack. #DangerDanger

Layering takes care of this problem perfectly. Take off a few items but leave on the knitted sweater to still have that cozy wrapped-up feeling.

With the outfit below, I’m both layering as well as using knitted elements. I also added a long coat and an extra thick scarf to make sure that freezing breeze stays as far away as possible. The benefit of throwing a backpack in the mix, is that it allows you to safely put away your lumps of ice (a.k.a your hands) to keep them warm. Or to hold some shopping bags… Either way, it’s just practical.

What I’m wearing: Mango long coat, Noisy May knitted sweater, Gaastra shirt, H&M denim, Stan Smith sneakers, Zara backpack, Bershka scarf, Luz necklace.

basic-streetstyle-look-grafitti-jeans-sneakers-white-Stan-Smith-long-coat--scarf-black-and-white-backpack-gold-black-details-winter-lovelifelovefashion-2 basic-streetstyle-look-grafitti-jeans-sneakers-white-Stan-Smith-long-coat--scarf-black-and-white-backpack-gold-black-details-winter-lovelifelovefashion-3basic-streetstyle-look-grafitti-jeans-sneakers-white-Stan-Smith-long-coat--scarf-black-and-white-backpack-gold-black-details-winter-lovelifelovefashion-cover basic-streetstyle-look-grafitti-jeans-sneakers-white-Stan-Smith-long-coat--scarf-black-and-white-backpack-gold-black-details-winter-lovelifelovefashionHow do you prepare for a cold winter day? You drink 3 hot coffees and 2 hot coco’s to survive the day? Or maybe you throw on some extra sweaters? Love to hear your survival tips! ^^