Not a real Chanel jacket unfortunately. Nevertheless, it was love on first sight when I saw this hanging in the store. Only 1 left, my size and on sale. *Angels singing, bright light appears, ha-aa-llelujah*. Indeed, it was one of those days. When you find that perfect treasure that makes your whole week. The craziest thing about it is that I found it in a store that I don’t often visit when I’m in that mall. But as I walked by it, it was calling me. (Probably those angels again.) It was faith! I’m sure of it! ;-) I think you all agree that this jacket was indispensable  on the shoot I had with Marion Braque.

Underneath this jacket (which is 100% Belgian!) I’m wearing a little black dress that has some beautiful details at the top. It’s not always a nice piece of jewelry that needs to make your outfit pop. Studs, seams and spikes can replace your bling bling, and can perfectly be elegant instead of bold. This outfit being exhibit A.

What I’m wearing: Zara black dress, JBC jacket (similar here), ribbon nylons,  Jane Norman clutch, Bershka high heels.





Like said before, it was way too cold to only be wearing the dress and I didn’t wanna show up with simple black nylons either, hence the super awesome ribbon nylons, which were already featured here. To finish up I’ve put on some high heels and added a matching clutch.

There you have it. The third and last outfit of the shoot. Which one is your favorite? Tips or questions? Feel free to leave a comment.