Say what, another giveaway? While the previos one hasn’t even ended yet? That’s right, ladies! This Deauty Box was part of a goodie bag I got last Saturday at the store opening of A Suivre in Knokke. But because I’m someone who recognizes when I’ve found something good, I generally stick to it if I know it works for me. Just like when I want to order ice cream. I like to have a peek to all the other options, sometimes a peek of 5 minutes. And yes once in a while I even consider to try another flavor, but eventually I alway end up ordering the usual. And I never regret it #Istaytruetomyshit

The same goes for my (limited) beauty stuff. (Not sure how ice cream got involved in all this) Anyway, I’m pretty sure this box will end up somewhere at the bottom of a drawer to only be discovered back during next spring cleaning. So let’s spare myself the pain of throwing out fun products that have gone bad, and let’s make someone of you happy with it instead. Sounds like a better plan, yes?! ;)


How to participate

What do you need to do to discover some new beauty stuff? Easy:
Simply let me know what your current favorite beauty item is with a picture of it and share it via Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. And like always, don’t forget to mention me so I’ll get notified.

The most fun picture will win and receive this box at their front door by the end of the month.

Oh, and leave a comment below before April 25 if you want to participate and the social network/username you used so I know who’s in. ;)

This giveaway is open for Belgian and Dutch people only. 

Winner: Laura