Hiya ladies! So… I don’t wanna be a buzzkill here, but Fall is heading our way. We’ve had our two days of sunshine. ^^ Now, instead of feeling blue about Summer being (almost) over, I choose to embrace the fun things about Fall and focus on those. Let’s all do that!

So, think about drinking hot coco (or thea) on the couch while crawling underneath a big stack of pillows and blankets while watching a new season of your favorite tv-show. Or making early morning walks while experiencing all of nature’s beauty. Morning dust and those few rays of sunshine getting through the curtains, colors changing, the fresh air… Aaahh, I’d had forgotten how much I can love that.


And more importantly: Think about the fact that Fall = time to change-up the wardrobe!

Awesome jackets and hats, soft knitted sweaters and fun shoes. Ooh yes, you too are getting excited, right? ^^

For me, my number one priority was getting those perfect ankle boots to wear under a pair of jeans. And while I usually seem to be searching for those until Winter hits our lungs, I’ve already found them! #thatsafirst

sacha-shoes-new-in-pretty-ankleboots-leather-gognac-brown-fall-lovelifelovefashionsacha-shoes-new-in-pretty-ankleboots-leather-gognac-brown-fall-lovelifelovefashion-3 sacha-shoes-new-in-pretty-ankleboots-leather-gognac-brown-fall-lovelifelovefashion-2These pretty ones have a nice deep cognac color and have the perfect height to become my everyday Fall booties. What I really like about them is that the back is perforated and that they have these cute little fringes around the zipper. It’s those details that turn a simple pair of ankle boots into the perfect pair. #missioncompleted

What’s your number one item you need/have for this Fall?

Like to order a pair as well? Good news! Because with the code Love Life Love Fashion can you order your own pair with 15% discount (valid until October 16, 2016).

These shoes were picked out by me and sponsored by Sacha.