Hi guys, some of you might’ve spotted it already on my social media accounts, but I recently discovered a new yummy hotspot in Ghent. The no-fuzz-kinda-place. Just a few spot-on dishes, perfect to have lunch and spend some quality time with your bestie(s) or le boy/girlfriend. That’s right, there’s a new kid TOAST in town.


Happiness on toast!

The concept? Toast 2.0, happiness on toast. There’s really no better way to describe this place. Even though we all know the principle of toast, what this place does with a slice of roasted bread is from another world. It kinda makes you, well … happy! Fresh, homemade and quality ingredients, perfectly finished with the right amount of herbs. I’m pretty sure the secret ingredient is a good dose of love. Something you won’t find that often anymore these days…

This cozy place has only 6 tables, so be prepared for a relaxing atmosphere in a beautiful interior and a super quick service. One the menu you’ll find some exotic drinks (they were to me at least) and three variants of toast. Every month the toppings change, making it a little adventurous every time you go.

hotspot-ghent-taost-food-kortrijksesteenweg-lunch-prijs-reserveren-hidden-treasure-review-toppings-lovelifelovefashion hotspot-ghent-taost-food-kortrijksesteenweg-lunch-prijs-reserveren-hidden-treasure-review-toppings-lovelifelovefashion-3

The boyfriend went for the crab toast while I wanted to try the chicken variant. And damn, it was fin-ger-lick-ing-good. The perfect amount of spreading and a crispy (but not too crispy) roasted piece of bread. Obviously, the boyfriend had to share a little piece of his crab toast because I really wanted to try it as well. Yes, we’re cheesy romantic like that. ^^

My favorite? The homemade chicken one: sweet fennel, radish, and those little pieces of salted bacon. Hmmm. Yup, I could eat another one of these bad boys right away.

Oh, one more thing about that exotic drink: not that exotic apparently. Just a super delicious Austrian sparkled drink called Almdudler, which I didn’t know yet. #oops It’s delightful!

Hello, crispy slice of colorful heavenhotspot-ghent-taost-food-kortrijksesteenweg-lunch-prijs-reserveren-hidden-treasure-review-toppings-lovelifelovefashion-coverhotspot-ghent-taost-food-kortrijksesteenweg-lunch-prijs-reserveren-hidden-treasure-review-toppings-lovelifelovefashion-8


hotspot-ghent-taost-food-kortrijksesteenweg-lunch-prijs-reserveren-hidden-treasure-review-toppings-lovelifelovefashion-7 hotspot-ghent-taost-food-kortrijksesteenweg-lunch-prijs-reserveren-hidden-treasure-review-toppings-lovelifelovefashion-5

Curious about this place in beautiful Ghent? Book a table and let’s TOAST on a new day and a new discovery.