Hurray hurray, it happened!! I wasn’t sure if I would ever find one, but OH YES, a got myself an item from the LUZ collection. And not just any item, oh no. My favorite item! (Duuh!) This little triangle shaped, minimalistic long necklace is now officially mine. #happydance

It’s the little things…


Silly how a person can be so excited about something little like this right?! But I am! And I was even more excited when I spotted it in a Sasha store. Okay, I didn’t exactly spot it by accident. LUZ @ Sacha was written down in large letters on a little list I made for my shopping spree of last weekend. So from the moment I entered the store, my eyes were screening for bling bling, while being a little distracted by a nice pair of shoes. *Need-To-Focus*


And that’s how I scored this pretty golden minimalistic gem! What do you think? You love it as much as I do? I for one had trouble not buying at least two more other items. But the force was with me and I could had to resist.