Sooo, I bought myself a birthday present. Curious what it is?! I can tell you this much: it’s good. It’s freakin’ great. It’s the holy grail! Turning 25 is after all a special one. And to be fair, I’ve never given myself an actual birthday present. (Unless cake counts as a present? Cause in that case I’ve bought myself tons of birthday presents!). So I had 25 years to make up for. And I did. Together with the next 25 years.

Miss Chanel 2.55 | Welcome!

I know, it’s crazy. I shared my thoughts on this dream bag only a couple of weeks ago, at a time when I was still fighting with myself whether or not to get one, even though this bag has been on my radar for years. But clearly I decided to go for it. Way faster than expected too! #crazy



To elaborate: I spotted this Chanel 2.55 Lambskin purse on the Designer Vintage webshop for a very reasonable price (keeping in mind what a new one costs at least). I’ve been checking different but similar shops for a long time so I already had a pretty good idea on the regular asking prices. When I saw this small black 2.55 version in lambskin (most items for sale are the medium or large size in caviar) with that big black ‘JUST POSTED’ mark only days after I wrote my Chanel Dream Bag post, I saw it as I sign. Or perhaps that was just my way of justifying me reaching out to the seller. I don’t know. ^^ After receiving tons of information and extra pictures, I decided to just go for it. I kinda had a now or never feeling. Knowing that Chanel just raised their prices. Again.

Now it’s not like I’m living on a money mountain. I’ve been saving for over a year for a trip to Vietnam that eventually didn’t happen. So it was a personal (and I admit, difficult) decision to spend a part of it on this baby instead. Many might think it’s ridiculous, others will not see the problem at all. But it’s a matter of deciding what’s worth your money and what isn’t. I’ve worked many hours to get this Chanel purse, but I’m 100% sure it’s something I will enjoy the rest of my life. A great investment if you ask me!

Damn it sounds like I’m defending this purchase. And maybe I am a little. Because spending a lot of money on a material thing is normally not my style. But for Chanel (which is most certainly not a thing, it’s the holy grail), I liked to make an exception. After all, every girls needs a little Chanel in her life. No?