Hiya, ladies. Put that frown upside down cuz it’s Friday! *happy dance* And how can a Friday become even better? Uhu, one word: shoes!

Remember my post about the Sam Edelman event a while ago where we could pick out a pair of Sam’s? Well, here they are. These black Smithfields are now standing proudly in my closet.


The front is made from pony hair (I know… mixed feelings) and the back has this crazy golden heel. Granted, with the wrong outfit they may look a little over the top. But that won’t happen. Pinky promise. They’re also pretty comfortable. As far as high heels go, obviously.


Not something to wear on a daily basis, I’ll give you that. But perfect for those special occasions. And hurray hurray I already have an outfit post ready with these babies for you! So stay tuned for that.

So what do you think? Beh, nice or wow?

This item is sponsored by Sam Edelman.