I don’t know about you, but I for one am counting down to the holiday season. Especially after the snowfall we had last week. Snow makes everything look so magical and your mind automatically moves right over to Christmas. Doesn’t it?!

This year will be extra special for us because the boyfriend fiancee and I are leaving on December 19 for a big adventure to Thailand and Cambodia. So we’ll actually be spending Christmas abroad. Seeing how I absolutely adore Christmas, we decided to cheat a little and have an early Christmas with the family. A pre-xmas we call it.

Christmas preparation

Every family has its traditions. For us, it’s to set up the Christmas tree at my parents place the weekend after Sinterklaas. On the 24th (now the 16th), we start early to cook a delicious homemade meal, play some board games, open presents (my Mom is always the first one to ask if she can open one ^^) and yes — if we feel like it – we watch Home Alone for the 20th time. We typically stay the night over to start Christmas Day with a big family breakfast filled with guilty pleasures. Ooh I can’t wait!

But first things first of course: The menu, gifts, decoration. Even though they’re not the most important thing about the night, they do make everything extra cozy. Especially the decoration and food. We loveee food! ^^ Because presents for us are not that important (although opening a cutely wrapped gift is always fun) we have a system that we all buy 1 gift or 2 smaller gifts (within a budget) for 1 other person (= Secret Santa). That way we can buy 1 nice gift for someone rather than giving way too many little things to everyone that they might not need/want.


Happy Holidays!

Now, if you’re still searching for a winning gift, a Daniel Wellington watch is definitely something to consider. I got one two years ago for my New Year and it’s just one of those things you’ll enjoy for years.

A Little Daniel Wellington love

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If you wanna go the extra mile and really deserve some brownie points, make sure to check the special holiday gift sets they just launched (you can check them out here). I just love how they look! Those boxes comes with a watch of your choice and a beautiful bracelet. Happy faces guaranteed when opening this box! The first time, the second time and yes, even the third time.


What’s your favorite holiday tradition?


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