Okay okay, I have a clear idea on how my jewellery needs to be.Or should I better say: what they should look like.And if you follow me a little on social media or the blog, you’ll probably have a pretty good idea of the things that get my motor running.Minimalistic, elegant, different and a very good price/quality deal.If it’s Belgian and handmade, we completely have a match made in heaven.Keeping those checks in mind, meet the newest member of my collection: this little piece of playfulness minimalism by LoboGato.

Hello Playfulness Minimalism

Unlike most of my accessories, this one isn’t actually geometrically.So yes, I admit, I had to give it a second look before falling madly in love.You could even say I went a little off track with this one.But during that second look, my eyes catched the playfulness of the round shapes combined with the straight shapes.The contrast between the two identical forms that vary in size and by that, kinda create some geometric line play.Seeing how we started playing with straight lines and round shapes in our interior, I was actually ready for a piece like this.

early-christmas-present-lobogato-necklace-Playfulness Minimalism-geometric-minimalisme-holidays-tip-lovelifelovefashion-2Sugar, spice and everything nice

Also a fan of wearable, timeless and affordable handmade jewelry?Sugar, spice and everything nice?Definitely check out the website for more!I for one have been a big fan ever since my first contact with the brand.And I can honestly say her original handmade designs keep pimping every outfit I got.Even the most casual ones get that extra something something with a piece looking like this.Don’t you agree? platinum play online casino^^