The other day, my boyfriend and I finally went to Tomorrowland. Whoop whoop indeed. For this 10th edition we finally got our hands on a few tickets. (Bucket list, -1!) It was meant to be a magical moment.

And damn it, it was more than magical! It was madness, it was epic! We were – people of Tomorrow.

Grownups walking around as if they were living inside a fairytale. Together as one. And sure, getting beer spilled over your legs, Fanta in your hair and mud between your toes isn’t something we usually sign up for, but the music, the atmosphere, the people… there’s no larger feeling of freedom and peace then when you’re standing in the middle of it all. Add some fireworks and you are, in a fairytale.










Last 2 pictures by Tomorrowland.

I mean, we saw the Palestinian and Israeli flag next to one another. Why is it that we can coexist in peace at a festival, but not in the real world?

It’s clear: Tomorrowland, you should take over the world!