Let’s blow some candles because hup hup hooray, the blog is turning two today! It seems like only yesterday (apologies for the cliché intro) that I wrote my first post with a bunch of typos and horrible pictures. Thank god nobody was actually reading anything I wrote in those days.

But here we are. Back again. The 7th of April. 2 years later. 24 months. 104 weeks or heck 730 days later.

I changed from a morning person to a ‘I love hitting the snooze button’ girl during that period. A ‘shower in the morning’ over a ‘shower after work’ lady. Crazy how time flies and how things can change.

Anyway, I’m gonna spare you all the blog-birthday jabadaba. I still love writing articles, I still smile reading all your sweet comments, I can still spend (way too) many hours on taking pictures. And the events with fellow bloggers are awesome each and every time over. So I’m far from being done with doing this and let’s keep it at that. Except, let me still add this: Thank you for all the visits! #YouRock #BigTime Keep coming back, keep on reading, keep on smiling and let’s go for another round!


And uuh, prepare yourself for some lovely giveaways. In the meanwhile, feel free to share some thoughts on what you like or dislike about the blog. What you would love to see more/less off, and wish me a freakin’ happy blog-birthday dammit! Big hug x

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