New year = new shoes! Nothing more fun than to spice up a casual or street style look with a nice pair of shoes. In only a few seconds, your entire outfit gets an upgrade, making you ready to have drinks with friends, go for a dinner date or simply leave for an important work meeting.

The plan was simple… find myself a new pair worthy of the limited closet space I have left. ^^

The execution… the execution of my plan was another story. I never expected my search to take as long as it did. But finding the right pair that is beautiful, comfortable and at the same time affordable, was quite the challenge. Until last week, when a certain pair caught my eye. A few days later, the chosen ones – a pretty pair of new ankleboots landed on my doorstep.

IMG_3816I’ve always had a weak spot for soft materials; especially when it comes down to shoes. Don’t ask me why… I don’t really know why. I just know that I do. ^^ Not only are these babies soft, they have a sturdy heel, the right height, the perfect color and the golden zipper at the back, make them the right amount of different, yet classics. Enough brownie points to add them to my shoe collection if you ask me.