Remember those good old days when all the “cool” kids had a bracelet, necklace, magnet or pen with their own name on it? It was a typical touristy/teen thing to do. For my classmates it often appeared life’s goal to try and find as many as possible with their name on it (a bit like the Pokémon GO hype now that I think of it). And it makes sense of course: It’s been scientifically proven that our own name is our favourite word (unless when it’s on an invoice). In a strange and biological kind of way, it makes us feel special. (I suppose we all have narcissistic tendencies. ^^) So when Coca Cola got the world’s names on the labels of their bottles with their campaign a while ago, people got really crazy in the coconut. Pure genius.

For me, having a not-so-common name here in Belgium, I often felt a little disappointed as a kid and different than the rest of my friends (read: The Ugly Duckling). Ann, Anke, Annie, Annabelle, Annabeth… but never Aurélie. And again, when those freakin’ Coca Cola bottles appeared about a year ago, I had that same “Damn it, they don’t have one with my name on it” feeling. (I did eventually find one, all the way in France where I had no cellphone signal!) Anyway, looking back on the situation, I probably saved my parents a lot of money. ^^ But at the time being, I hated my name for being so rare.

Message to 6-year-old me

Anyway, last week things changed for the better when I received this necklace by names4ever in the mail. A beautiful and elegant gold necklace with the perfect length and size, especially made for me. It was smiling at me (and I back at it) when I opened up the package with the little ribbon. For a second minute my mind got teleported back to the 6 year old me, hopefully searching for that whatever item containing my name and finally finding it too. It only took me 26 years. ^^ Message to 6-year-old me: don’t worry, don’t change. Never stop being weird and different.

new-in-say-my-name-necklace-naamketting-names4ever-gold-accessories-lovelifelovefashion-2Necklace by names4ever