It seems like forever since I posted a new shopping article. Now that I think about it, it has been forever since I actually got something new that wasn’t for our home. ^^ So obviously, I was pretty excited when a little box of My Jewellery landed in my mailbox.

Like a little kid on Christmas (read: without any patience and crazy eyes, a little bit of drool) I opened it up. And boy oh boy was I excited about what I came to find.

Rose/gold | love life bracelet

How perfect is this baby?!! Not only do I use the ‘love life’ phrase super often as a hashtag on my instagram account, it’s basically a huge part of my blog concept. So yes: perfect match. ^^ And the good news is that they have plenty of other bracelets too. Just have a peek at their accessories section and go find your very own precious. Gold, silver, rose gold, with a phrase or without. You name it, they have

Rose/gold | taupe watch

The way a watch should be: Classy, clean and simple. Not too much fuzz for me please. And I’m 100% confident many of you feel the same. In my book, a simplistic design is the way to go when it comes to a watch. I already have a classical black one, but with all the soft colors I wear lately, this beauty just became my new current like? I for one am super happy with these two new accessories. And you have to admit… don’t they fit perfectly together as well? 

my-jewellery_watch_taupe_bracelet_rose_gold_love-life-accessories-lovelifelovefashion-3These items were sponsored by My Jewellery. (Vind hun sieraden en horloges op de website).