Meet the newest member of the jewelry team. People who follow me know I have a weak spot for minimalistic accessories. So no surprise I’m kinda in love with this LoboGato HEXAGON one. They have so many items I like by the way, this one for instance is definitely the runner up. But I think the one I eventually picked is rather unique. Pretty sure no other store will have a similar design! And even though I’m always a little worried about the quality of simplistic jewelry… I have to say, this one survived even a wild night! Okay, that didn’t came out the way I wanted.

Oh, and I just discovered they also have a matching bracelet! I mean, hello pretty thing. You’re going on the Christmas wish list right away.lobogato-necklace-jewelry-handmade-belgium-belgian-brand-gift-collab-lovelifelovefashion

What do you think? Something you would pick? Or anything else you see in their webshop you like? Love to hear!

This item is sponsored by LoboGato.