Morning, beautiful — today on the agenda is introducing you to this beautiful line of Luxedy called 7bis. I’ve been following this brand on Instagram like forever, and their jewelry always makes me instant (ha! get it) happy. This line in particular has the most adorable minimalistic accessories in both silver and gold. A little deer, a cactus, a pineapple, a lucky clover … Nothing is too crazy. And I don’t know about you, but minimalistic items with a funny twist are really my cup of tea, and part of my everyday looks!

When I got the question last week if I wanted to choose something from the webshop, I screamed Hell Yes without a doubt, along with tons of hand movements in the air.

— Thank god they didn’t see my weird-ass expressions of gratitude. —

I showed them some of my favorite items and it was pretty clear the 7bis collection was the ultimate favorite. Especially created for minimalistic lovers like myself.

And that’s how these landed on my front door. Not 1 but 2 adorable pieces!

7bis-luxedy-accessories-jewelry-minimalistic-gold-love-cactus-bird-beauriful-brand-luxedy-online-lovelifelovefashion-27bis – Bracelet Cactus Gold7bis-luxedy-accessories-jewelry-minimalistic-gold-love-cactus-bird-beauriful-brand-luxedy-online-lovelifelovefashion-37bis – Necklace Bird Gold

7bis-luxedy-accessories-jewelry-minimalistic-gold-love-cactus-bird-beauriful-brand-luxedy-online-lovelifelovefashion-coverAren’t they adorable?! I can’t wait to wear and show them off in one of my next looks. But I’m forgetting the best part. The price! These pieces of beauty come for a small price tag. Necklaces are €14.95, earrings are €12.95 and bracelets €11.95. Double win!

Not convinced of the items above? Here are some other items (from the Orelia collection) that are now officially added to my birthday wishlist. Aren’t they to die for?!

orelia-luxedy-accessories-jewelry-minimalistic-gold-love-cactus-bird-beauriful-brand-luxedy-online-lovelifelovefashion-wishlistOrelia – Ring Criss Cross | Orelia – Ring Gold Bar | Orelia – Necklace Verticale Bar (#biglove)
Orelia – Bracelet Gold Geo Open Bangle (2 pieces)

What do you think? See anything you love or do you prefer more bold and statement pieces?! Love to hear!

These items were sponsored by Luxedy.