My addiction with minimalistic jewellery is no secret, but when I saw these two cuties… well, happy dancing went down! And seeing how it’s December (a.k.a. holiday period) and gifts are everywhere, it was easy:

Hello you pretty, hello early Christmas present

I’m super excited to welcome these two pretties from LUZ to my everyday accessories collection. I blogged about this brand a few years ago as well when I just discovered it, and in the meanwhile, my love for the brand only became stronger. They always have such pretty pieces. So make sure to check out their collection whenever you get the chance at one of the Sacha stores or online… #justsaying ^^

Anyway, back to the point I wanted to make: what I love the most about these is the thin matte elegance of the circle necklace and the classy boldness of the double triangle-shaped ring. Less is more = true that! They really are perfect to add some spice to my otherwise pretty basic Christmas look. And isn’t that the great thing about accessories? In just the blink of an eye, they can change the entire look and feel of your outfit. Simple elegance anyone? ^^

luz-sacha-necklace-ring-accessories-new-juwelen-gold-lovelifelovefashion-3 luz-sacha-necklace-ring-accessories-new-juwelen-gold-lovelifelovefashionOh, by the way, talking about my christmas look: next to the new bling, these beautiful pumps at the Sacha store also caught my attention! What do you think? Left or right? Yay or nay? I admit, I’m not much of a high heel person the last couple of years, but these are so hard to resist! The nude ones are basics everyone should have and the glitter ones… sighs. They are perfect for all those upcoming parties and a perfect match with my new accessories. ^^