It has happened, folks! For those who landed on my bucket list page in the past, might’ve spotted this item on it: getting our own home.

As of this week, we can officially check it off the list! #whoopwhoop

That’s right, the boyfriend and I bought an apartment. Not a big house like most people want but a small cozy apartment with a balcony and a view. Our future home. Exactly what we want. How adulty of us! (A-d-u-l-t-y: invented word to express a state of mind for this post.) A place to make our own.

Well, at least, it will be once it becomes more than a big hole and some bricks. They still have to build the entire thing, so we’ll have to be patient little birdies for now. Knowing myself, I’ll have my hands full thinking about the interior and figuring out smart ideas on how to get the most out of the limited space we have. Seeing how we will have a very high ceiling in the living area with a mezzanine area (the official name of an extra space higher up in the air) and an attic, we can’t wait to try and make something cool of these elements. (I feel some DIY plans coming your way!) One other thing I can do right now? Unsubscribe from webshop newsletters! Mommy needs to save for a kitchen. (Talking about taking away the temptation you know.)

The most fun part of it all is that we can really put our soul into it.

From the floors to the kitchen, the curtains and shower and yes, even the toilet. We can decide what, where and how we want it. If it fits within our budget of course. #smalldetail

Oh but wait, there’s actually something even better than the freedom we have in the project! It’s super close to the center of Ghent and there will be a shopping mall nearby, a fitness centre, maybe even a yoga center, beautiful interior design shops, some restaurants, great little bars, you name it. We can’t wait! Super stoked.

Combine those things with a beautiful green park in front of the building, the centre of Ghent on walking distance and close to the water, and you get the next best thing after New York.


Now off to our next bank visit. Phew, not the most fun part of this entire adventure that’s for sure.