Remember this picture I took during the press days? I had just discovered the new Esprit collection and this vest was basically one of my most favorite pieces I spotted during the 2-days event. What’s not to like about it? It’s knitted, the navy blue/white color scheme is perfect and it has a fun detail at the bottom. All that and everyone likes a blanket they can actually wear outside without looking like they’ve gone mad.


Because the items we get to see during these press days are next season’s collections, I couldn’t rush to the closest Esprit store to go get it. So right then and there, I added this oversized beauty to my shopping wishlist. Today the time has come though. A couple of days ago, I finally spotted it online! #yay (Find it here.)

Obviously, like the typical ladies we sometimes can be, the force was too strong to not snoop around a little further on the webshop. Before I knew, I had added a couple of extra favorites on to that same shopping wish list. Tough decisions will have to be made. ^^

Curious to see which items I also loved besides the knitted oversized vest?


From left to right: This perfect classic brown faux leather shoulder bag immediately caught my eye. It’s a perfect everyday purse and just the right size. Next up is this beautiful midi-dress. Something like this has been on my wishlist for a very long time now; I just didn’t found that perfect one. This lovely basic oversized coat (which is in sale right now) has those perfect grey shades and would be a real added-value to my closet. And last but not least, this pair of a-w-e-s-o-m-e soft pink slip-ons with a subtle snake print are simply to die for. Bad-ass yet in a super feminine way.

A home department?! Say what?!

To my big surprise, I also discovered they have a home department. The interior junkie inside of me was both excited and scared, for the possible damage it could do to my bank account. With the entire buying-an-apartment adventure I really developed a major weak spot for decoration and home stuff. And surprise surprise, I’ve spotted some cute blankets (here and here) (I really think I have a blanket problem), a really cool toothbrush holder (I know, who would’ve thought) and a cute candle holder. You can never have enough candle holders!

Esprit-collection-home-candleholder-white-toothbrush-holder-stone-blanket-stars-printed-favorite-lovelifelovefashionWhat do you think of these items? Seeing something you love?