Morning guys. Today I originally planned to talk about my new shoes of BENT. I ordered them online last week after a big search for my favorite pair and received them in this big beautiful box you might spotted on my social media channels. I couldn’t wait to show the shoe candy I got.

With all the horrible attacks that happened yesterday in Brussels, it feels so stupid and unimportant. Our minds are really somewhere else. With the victims, the wounded, their family. People who were supposed to start a new journey, a new exciting day, or simply travel back home to their loved ones… I can’t wrap my head around how cruel some people can be. But at the same, its beautiful to see how we all seek comfort and support with one another. How iconic buildings around the world light up in the colors of the Belgian flag. Letting us know their thoughts are with us.

I suppose these newbies can describe a little how I feel in a way. How many Belgians might feel. Damaged, in need for stitches, to be patched up. Emotionally or physically. Not perfect but overall beautiful and strong. Ready to keep going. Today, tomorrow, always. Enjoying the small things more than ever. Hugging our loved ones a little harder than usual. Being extra kind to one another. Who’s really winning at the end. I think we are… We can’t be scared. We can’t give in. We can’t give up. We have to keep going in being free.

New-shoes-BENT-merkschoenen-julia-&-julia-denim-ripped-espadrielles-high-platform-pink-gold-rose-metallic-laces-lovelifelovefashion-2 New-shoes-BENT-merkschoenen-julia-&-julia-denim-ripped-espadrielles-high-platform-pink-gold-rose-metallic-laces-lovelifelovefashion-3 New-shoes-BENT-merkschoenen-julia-&-julia-denim-ripped-espadrielles-high-platform-pink-gold-rose-metallic-laces-lovelifelovefashion

This item was sponsored by BENT.