If you must spend money on clothes or accessories, make sure you invest in proper basics.” That was the deal I made with myself a few months ago. Right around the same time the boyfriend and I decided to buy an apartment, rendering us … well, completely broke. ^^ Not exactly the easiest thing to do I must admit, as buying something new to wear is just plain old fun.

In the meanwhile, several months have passed. And the force was strong. I’m perfectly able to count the items I bought on one hand.

The first one being a new winter coat (see it here), which I really really really wanted needed. The second one being this awesome basic black Zara backpack. I’ve been wanting one for quite some time so when I saw it on sale, the force took a short nap. Luckily I could pay it with a gift voucher I still had. So it doesn’t really count as a new purchase. Right? Right?!


The third and last one — you’re hearing that alright: only 3 new things came into my closet the past 6 months — is this beautiful simplistic gold necklace by Lobogato. This beauty was a gift so it doesn’t really count either. Nonetheless, it is a beautiful basic. So it deserves a spot in the “new and pretty basics” list.

New-in-basics-black-gold-backpack-zara-circle-necklace-lobogato-matte-long-lovelifelovefashion-essentiels-3What’s your must-have basic for the moment? Liking the backpack and necklace or not really your style? Love to hear!