Those who’ve been following me for a while now, know I’m a big sucker for jane iredale makeup. Proof of that can be found here, here, here aaaand yes… also here. When I got contacted to work for the benelux distributor of the brand, I obviously did a few backflips. Just kidding, I just did an embarrassing happy dance. No way I can do backflips.

Anyway, point is: during my time at my new job, I learned a lot of new things and I got in contact with so many of their products. It was only normal that my everyday makeup routine would slowly get an update. Time to show and review a couple of new products that landed in my makeup cabin. Oh, and not to worry… like always — if I don’t like something — I’ll be brutally honest about it. #SorryNotSorryBoss.jane-iredale-review-new-beauty-routine-makeup-skincare-mineral-healthy-dream-tint-powder-me-smooth-affair-lemongrass-love-hydration-spray-purepressed-lovelifelovefashion-1

1. Smooth Affair for oily skin

Not new at all in my makeup routine but let’s just add it for the sake of completeness. If you’re curious about my findings (and why I obviously keep using this primer), I suggest you check out this separate review I wrote some time ago. But to summarize: there’s no way anything else (makeup related) touches my face before I’ve applied my Smooth Affair. It makes sure my makeup stays where it belongs (no missing eyebrows for me please), it hydrates my skin and prevents me from looking like a shiny discoball. #noughsaidjane-iredale-review-new-beauty-routine-makeup-skincare-mineral-healthy-dream-tint-powder-me-smooth-affair-lemongrass-love-hydration-spray-purepressed-lovelifelovefashion-2

2. Dream Tint  | Light | SPF15

Brand new in my routine is Dream Tint. I started applying this after my primer just recently, after trying it once at work. I was hooked. It’s actually a tinted moisturizer that gives a natural coverage and a healthy glow. So you can just use it as your daily finishing layer. For me it’s mainly a great base prior to applying my next step. Oh, by the way: It. Smells. A-W-E-S-O-M-E. Instant happy vibes.

If you like to have more coverage, stay away from this one. You’ll be better off with the Glow Time full coverage BB cream. Unlike most BB creams, the one from jane can be compared with a foundation when it comes to coverage.jane-iredale-review-new-beauty-routine-makeup-skincare-mineral-healthy-dream-tint-powder-me-smooth-affair-lemongrass-love-hydration-spray-purepressed-lovelifelovefashion-3

3. Purepressed Powder | Radiant | SPF20

Not new what so ever. This product is one of the main reasons I fell in love with the jane iredale brand. This powder foundation gives me just the right amount of coverage I want. Not too much that I feel like I’m all covered up like a birthday cake that has 5 layers of frosting, but just enough to get a smooth looking skin.

If I have a little zit, I can simply apply a little more on that spot to cover up the redness in a subtle way. That’s right, I’ve been tricking all of you. My skin isn’t really that smooth. ^^

What is new is the shade I’ve been using. I went from Natural to Radiant. A.k.a I went from looking a little too pale to healthy. So the lesson I’ve learned is to check if my shade is still okay when a new season starts.jane-iredale-review-new-beauty-routine-makeup-skincare-mineral-healthy-dream-tint-powder-me-smooth-affair-lemongrass-love-hydration-spray-purepressed-lovelifelovefashion-4

4. Lemongrass Love Hydration Spray

To set my makeup and to give my skin a little health boost, I spray a couple of times with this Lemongrass Love Hydration spray. Be warned, it’s addictive. Next to being refreshing it also contains plenty of ingredients that only do great things for your skin, BUT it’s limited edition. So hurry if you want to give it a try. Fun fact: for each sold spray, €2 goes to the Think-Pink foundation.

Afterwards I just finish off my daily look with some Purelash Lengthening mascara, Purpressed blush and the Forever Pink Lip and Cheek Stain lipstick. Ready to head out!jane-iredale-review-new-beauty-routine-makeup-skincare-mineral-healthy-dream-tint-powder-me-smooth-affair-lemongrass-love-hydration-spray-purepressed-lovelifelovefashion-5

5. Powder-Me SPF30

But not without taking this one with me. Another great discovery was Powder-Me. It’s actually sunscreen in powder shape. Yes, you heard that right… I found a simple way of making sure I’m always protected against damaging UV-radiation. And not just me, it’s also perfect for the boyfriend that doesn’t like that sticky feeling regular sunscreen gives. And like that’s not enough… it’s a super easy way to protect your skin throughout the entire day when you wear makeup. I mean, regular sunscreen tends to mess up your makeup look you know. ^^

The only “bad” thing I could say about this product is that you do lose a little product each time you open up the bottle. So be careful when you’re wearing black!

Have you ever heard about the brand jane iredale already? If not, really check it out. It’s a game changer.