♫ Guess who’s back, back again. jane is back, back again. ♫ Wow, Eminem invasion in a beauty post. Never saw that one coming! You see, life is filled with surprises. Another nice surprise like that in my life was the discovery of jane iredale products. If you missed my story about my first contact with this brand, you can find it back here and part I of this review over here.

But allow me to pick up where I left off:


The Purepressed blush defines and highlights cheekbones for ladies that rather not pinch their face the entire day. It’s the “Rolls Royce” of minerals, like they like to call it at Jane’s. That doesn’t just sound nice, it also looks nice. As you can see, it comes in this adorable, practical looking compact holder. I got the color called Awake, and with it being free of chemical dyes and irritating ingredients, it’s the perfect way to get that healthy-looking (yet subtle) glow for the entire day. Jane-Iredale-products-makeup-beauty-mineral-review-price-lovelifelovefashion-4


What happens when you spray this little on top of your make-up (twice from a distance already does the trick) once the primer, BB cream/PurePressed foundation and blush is applied? Tons!

First of all, the balance hydration spray balances the oil production of your skin and hydrates. Wow, didn’t see that one coming hu! I know, you could expect so. But still a very important feature of the spray and maybe the reason I haven’t gotten any breakouts ever since. It also provides bacterial protection, has antioxidants, and contains ingredients to calm and protect the skin. That’s a lot of power for something that looked like sentenced water on first sight.

I really wanted the balance one because of my troubled skin, if you don’t need this, I suggest you go for the Pommisst spray. It. smells. devine! Jane-Iredale-products-makeup-beauty-mineral-review-price-lovelifelovefashion-1b


This one is the one that doesn’t really get my motor running. I can’t really put my finger on the why, but I just prefer my regular mascara 10 times more. If I wanna go for a very natural look, this one does come in handy because my eyelashes really stay separated perfectly and get that little extra length. But on a daily base, I do prefer my lashes to pop a little more than what I can get from this mascara. Jane-Iredale-products-makeup-beauty-mineral-review-price-lovelifelovefashion-13


This little compact bitty brow kit does wonders. I already knew you can never forget the brows, but damn what a little effort can do to get a more powerful an intense look. This kit allows me to make my brows look absolutely perfect without someone ever noticing anything make-up wise when looking at them.

Interesting detail, the brow powder is water-resistant. So you’ll never have to worry about eyebrows crawling towards another direction like caterpillars! The wax makes your brows look lustrous, without dealing with any stickiness what so ever. It’s up to you if you want this or not. Personally, I don’t always use the wax. Jane-Iredale-products-makeup-beauty-mineral-review-price-lovelifelovefashion-5



The perfect example of what every lip product should be like! I hate sticky lipsticks. And more, I could kill lipsticks with my bare hands that make my lips look like the Sahara desert. It’s painful and no sight. So when Claudine applied the lip pencil (color Spice) in combination with the Just kissed (Forever Pink) stain, I was pleasantly surprised and hooked! The color on my lips does not look at all as I expected it to be. That’s because this one enhances your natural coloring and by that, it looks different on everyone.

The pencil helps to align my bottom lip perfectly as I don’t really have a clear edge. There is just a soft transition which doesn’t always make it easy for me to apply lipstick without it looking like I did it with my eyes closed.

It was instant love for these two products.


The Just kissed lip plumper (Montreal) was a present from Claudine that I got after she saw my post about her beauty center Pomerans. Perfect because I was thinking about getting myself a darker lipstick of jane as well! So a big thank you Claudine! Jane-Iredale-products-makeup-beauty-mineral-review-price-lovelifelovefashion-3

So now it’s your turn to talk. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the brand and if you have used any of their products yet. ^^ Curious about the other items I bought, make sure to head over to part one of this review.