My god I’m in love with this brand. During the press event of The Label Launch a few weeks ago, I discovered Anine Bing. The brand is named after the lady behind it, a Danish woman (that’s right, Scandinavian vibes!) that moved to LA and created her own collection because she didn’t seem to find a proper sitting jeans.

Think minimalistic, great quality and beautiful basics

I only got to see a part of the collection during this event but it was enough to get me head over heels in love. Uhu, hooked. For life. But obviously you also wanna know about the price tag (it’s okay to start singing ” it’s all about the money, money money”)  — well, it depends. You have items that are really expensive (like really, like auwch), the more special pieces say. But you just as well have items that are still affordable if you save a little. And the quality you get for it is really worth it. The fabrics just feel amazing. A jeans for instance is around $199. Not the cheapest piece of denim but perfect if you wanna invest in a high quality, perfect sitting jeans.


Fun detail, Anine is also a blogger. If you’re curious if her taste in fashion is also represented on her blog, I suggest you go and have a look here ;)


Oh before I forget, how amazing was the view of this press event! The center of Antwerp was at our feet.

So what do you think of this brand? Do you like basics like these? And more important, do you like spending a little more for good basics or do you rather go for cheap but lots of items to change it up more frequently? I’d love the hear your thoughts on this.

Pictures via Anine Bing’s website