Hi ladies!Next Saturday is going to be an exciting day.Why you wonder?Well easy!If you would open my agenda, you would see a big note saying ‘Wedding dress hunting’.Yup yup, me and my best friends are going to find myself a wedding dress.Or at least that’s the plan.Now, because we’ll have a small wedding abroad, finding a bathing suit is another important thing on my to-do list.I can’t wear my dress at the beach the entire week now can I. And after those 5 weeks in Thailand, my current bikinis are in need of replacement.Seeing how I always struggle to find something nice (do you have the same problem?), I started looking around a little.I know it’s early, but clearly it was the best idea I had in week.

To my big surprise I actually found a few must-haves within a few days.Apparently, I just started looking way to late all those past years.Now is the time to find pretty swimwear.

Swimwear for Summer 2018 | my 3 favorites

Curious to see which 3 pieces I’ll be trying out somewhere during the next weeks?3-x-swimwear-summer-2018-etam-esprit-womens-secret-bikini-bathingsuit-one-piece-lovelifelovefashionHere they are!Ooh I get excited by even looking at them.Just like my overall clothing style I like my swimwear simple but with a twist.

Classic black with laser-cut | Esprit

The first one is classic black one with these beautiful laser cut-outs.I love it!!Normally I don’t like cut-outs in underwear or swimwear, but with this one it’s actually very elegant giving more of a pattern effect and not that ‘unwanted pieces of skin showing’ effect.I’ve been searching for a black one piece for quite some time and this one, this one is love at first sight!

Green bohemian vibes | Women’s Secret

The second one, sigh.That pattern.I have a thing for bohemian vibes and this pattern gets me excited.The green color is also a perfect match for my light skin tone.I love green clothing.And let’s be honest, this bikini is just made for a destination wedding at Ibiza!Don’t you think so?

Subtle elegance | Etam

Another one piece, I know!royal vegas casino canadaWhat’s happening!?^^ I actually bought the bikini of this line last year.Soon it became my most favorite bikini ever.Sometimes (like once in a life) you find a bikini that somehow makes you’re body look better than it actually is.That one did it for me.So imagine my excitement when I spotted their new colors for summer 2018 (obviously I got excited).

But when I saw this similar bathing suit, I couldn’t help myself to do a little dance of joy.royal vegas casino canadaLet’s hope it fits!What about you? What kind of swimwear makes you excited?