Last night there was a WE store opening in Brussels. Thanks to UPR, I scored an invitation and was one of the lucky people who could be there. So last night the challenge was to get myself in Brussels by 6 p.m. In only 30 minutes I got home from work, changed my outfit, put on some make-up and hurried to Ghent to catch my train. (Wow, I know!)

Once I was on scene and the I’m-gonna-be-late stress drained away, the excited feelings were back. The store had lots of space to present the clothes and had a real warm and cozy interior. More enjoyable than the one in Ghent if I can be honest. It simply has the perfect scenery to discover the new collection (and do some real shopping).


WE_Opening_Brussels_UPR_lovelifelovefashion 4Drinks and fried fingerfood…

WE_Opening_Brussels_UPR_lovelifelovefashion 6

WE_Opening_Brussels_UPR_lovelifelovefashion 7

WE_Opening_Brussels_UPR_lovelifelovefashion 8WE_Opening_Brussels_UPR_lovelifelovefashion 9

WE_Opening_Brussels_UPR_lovelifelovefashion 10The statement necklaces aren’t going anywhere soon. (They really had some nice ones by the way!)

WE_Opening_Brussels_UPR_lovelifelovefashion 18This jacket … Love at first sight. And second. And third.

WE_Opening_Brussels_UPR_lovelifelovefashion 11

WE_Opening_Brussels_UPR_lovelifelovefashion 12Love these! They make such a perfect little gift for those special people in your life. Or for yourself.

WE_Opening_Brussels_UPR_lovelifelovefashion 14Don’t. Know. Where. To. Look. First.

WE_Opening_Brussels_UPR_lovelifelovefashionYou could even catch up on some reading. Or look at pretty pictures.

WE_Opening_Brussels_UPR_lovelifelovefashion 5Gift bags?! Yes! We got spoiled.

WE_Opening_Brussels_UPR_lovelifelovefashion 2I went home with a cute ring that exists out of three thin rings and a denim jacket. (I really wanted needed one! Really!).

Cover picture by UPR: Grietje Vermoortele ( and me.