Hi guys, last time I mainly talked about brands that surprised me with their SS16 collection and shoes. Shoes in different colors, with sequins, glitters or bold patterns. I also talked a little about a few main trends I spotted for next season. If this is making you curious, I strongly advice you to go and have a peek at part I.

In this post, let’s start by diving into the to world of little shiny wonders — accessories. Just like in the shoe department, I saw some pretty strong collections. Some of brands I already knew, others for which I was thrilled to finally discover them. Yup, accessories got my attention during these press days. It’s like the world knows I can’t spend a bloody dime and decided to make it extra hard for me to resist. ^^

But anyway:

Pretty little things that caught my attention:

pressdays-ss16-antwerp-trends-fashion-summer-spring-popular-shoes-denim-food-studio-collect-lovelifelovefashion-15 pressdays-ss16-antwerp-trends-fashion-summer-spring-popular-shoes-denim-food-studio-collect-lovelifelovefashion-16 pressdays-ss16-antwerp-trends-fashion-summer-spring-popular-shoes-denim-food-studio-collect-lovelifelovefashion-17

Bracelet, rings and necklaces | All by Studio Collect Jewelry
Hands up for these beauties of Studio Collect. Jewelry that made me both smile and excited like a little puppy at the same time. Extra good news, this brand is actually a lot less expensive than it looks like (and then I though). Rings for instance start at €55 and go up to about €150. Not that bad considering the nice materials, original designs and luxurious look.

pressdays-ss16-antwerp-trends-fashion-summer-spring-popular-shoes-denim-food-dv-jewellry-lovelifelovefashion-27 pressdays-ss16-antwerp-trends-fashion-summer-spring-popular-shoes-denim-food-dv-lovelifelovefashion-27Another brand I really liked and didn’t know before was DV (Danielle Vroemen) Jewelry. Simple, elegant, fun and geometric. What’s not to love! 

pressdays-ss16-antwerp-trends-fashion-summer-spring-popular-shoes-denim-food-selected-femme-accessories-lovelifelovefashion-31Bracelet (Big Love!!) & earrings | Both by Selected Femme

pressdays-ss16-antwerp-trends-fashion-summer-spring-popular-shoes-denim-food-isseymiyake-lovelifelovefashion-12Multicolored metallic clutch & black backpack | Both by Issey Miyake
A hassle to pronounce but oh so pretty. A genius way to jump on the geometric hype. Only downside? Not easy to find and the price tag. You’ll have to do some serious saving for one of these.

pressdays-ss16-antwerp-trends-fashion-summer-spring-popular-shoes-denim-food-joost-arijs-eclair-lovelifelovefashion-30Can I get an OMG! #joostarijs


After desert (that’s right! AFTER #badass) it was time for a few small and healthy dishes made with Superfoods. Once our tummy was fully loaded again, we were ready for some extra discovering. Starting with the shirts and sweaters of My Jewellery. An accessory brand that now brings a couple of super cute and awesome top pieces. Especially the sweaters caught my attention! #wishlisted



Long striped night gown | Oversized shirt with lace details | Both by Valery Llingerie
Big love for these two items that are surprisingly meant to be worn at home. But these pieces are just so beautiful, I would wear them during the day without a doubt. A pair of Stan Smiths underneath the dress and a leather jacket and BAM!. The oversized shirt on a ripped boyfriend jeans with some  slip-ons and BOOM! Also done. ^^

pressdays-ss16-antwerp-trends-fashion-summer-spring-popular-shoes-denim-food-ikks-eskimo-lovelifelovefashion-21Left: me striking a pose to make chance on winning PJs of Eskimo for the entire family. | Right: an amazing denim midi skirt with leather detail by IKKS

pressdays-ss16-antwerp-trends-fashion-summer-spring-popular-shoes-denim-food-essentiel-alice-in-wonderland-lovelifelovefashion-20Alice in Wonderland collection of Essential. Pretty & joyful.

Discovery of the day: élysée!

élysée, a very young brand (it launched about 3 months ago) which I fell absolutely in love with. On trend, beautiful, quality, clothing that stands out and yet some great basics. And, affordable! It’s decided, I wouldn’t mind filling up my closet with pieces of this brand!



You can’t be building a home with having a weak spot for all things pretty in the home department. Biggest crush right now: pretty much everything of XLBoom. Especially the Metro tables and those marble elements. Functional and crazy beautiful. I would copy/paste this to our future mezzanine in a heartbeat!

pressdays-ss16-antwerp-trends-fashion-summer-spring-popular-shoes-denim-food-xlboom-lovelifelovefashion-13No home with a ton of pillows and blankets. This Coral Sherpa blanket of Mistral Home made me long for a Sunday on the couch with a hot coco.pressdays-ss16-antwerp-trends-fashion-summer-spring-popular-shoes-denim-food-deco-mistral-lovelifelovefashion-10

Until next time, remember: Pissing everywhere isn’t very Chanel! xD