Time for part two of the Press Days a.k.a the afternoon of this fun and interesting day. Missed part one? Check that one out first so you don’t miss anything of the upcoming trends. ;-) 


To start off the afternoon we stopped by Making Waves.

Pressdays_Making Waves_2013_fall_summer 2014_lovelifelovefashion_2nd One This Copenhagen based brand believes that jeans should be a way to explore your look; try on new colors, prints and styles season by season. And indeed, no plain trousers for 2nd One, but lots of originality.

Pressdays_Making Waves_2013_fall_summer 2014_lovelifelovefashion_Havaianas Don’t you just smile instantly when seeing all these summer colors? Bright shades will clearly last another season.

Pressdays_Making Waves_2013_fall_summer 2014_lovelifelovefashion_Food More food… About. To. Explode.

2. UPR

Next stop was at UPR. They probably had the biggest showroom of them all. And everything was presented like it was about to get photographed for Vogue. Just amazing.

Pressdays_UPR_2013_fall_summer 2014_lovelifelovefashion_Chloe Starting summer can’t happen without sunglasses. And damn these Chloé sunnies just keep breaking my heart. So beautiful but a bit too pricey if you ask me.

Pressdays_UPR_2013_fall_summer 2014_lovelifelovefashion_Converse_swatch Summer vibes overload with Converse. Next season they will bring again new trendy colors and I already know that choosing a pair will be difficult. Just loved the way the Swatch watch on the right was presented.

Pressdays_UPR_2013_fall_summer 2014_lovelifelovefashion_Flippa K Probably no surprise but Flippa K will bring again a beautiful line with some great classic timeless pieces in very neutral colors..

Pressdays_UPR_2013_fall_summer 2014_lovelifelovefashion_Lavand Lavand, you just took my breath away. There is nothing about their collection I didn’t like. Loved the colors, the snit of the dresses, the fabric … just everything. Definitely one to keep an eye on next season.

Pressdays_UPR_2013_fall_summer 2014_lovelifelovefashion_Sam EdelmanMore animal prints. For those who didn’t believe me before, when I said that they’ll remain hot hot hot next season: told you so! ^^

Pressdays_UPR_2013_fall_summer 2014_lovelifelovefashion_Swarovski One of my favorites of Swarovski.

Pressdays_UPR_2013_fall_summer 2014_lovelifelovefashion_Veritas Saw some cute accessories of Veritas. Lots of navy blue combined with yellow and/or red which is a rue pleasure to see. And like always they’re super affordable. Win win!

Pressdays_UPR_2013_fall_summer 2014_lovelifelovefashion_Zalando For those who still didn’t believe me… I officially rest my case.

Pressdays_UPR_2013_fall_summer 2014_lovelifelovefashionHow beautiful are these?! The 3th and 4th one are my absolute favorites I’ve seen the entire day. The 4th one is immediately going on my summer wishlist.

3. Oona PR

Our next and last stop was at Oona. Lots of pretty things to end a fun day.

Pressdays_Oona_2013_fall_summer 2014_lovelifelovefashion_Elisabeth Leenknegt I wasn’t familiar with Elisabeth Leenknegt but I won’t forget her. Just adore these bracelets. So elegant and original. Love. Love. Want. Want.

Pressdays_Oona_2013_fall_summer 2014_lovelifelovefashion Wanted to add this picture because I just love the way this all was presented.

Pressdays_Oona_2013_fall_summer 2014_lovelifelovefashion_black and white Black and white truly is timeless and always comes back in different variations. As proven above.

Pressdays_Oona_2013_fall_summer 2014_lovelifelovefashion_colors Loving the white/blue jeans at the left and the colorful top on the right.

Pressdays_Oona_2013_fall_summer 2014_lovelifelovefashion_Essentiel Oona also represents Essentiel, and this is defintly my favorite of the new collection. Summer, hurry!

Pressdays_Oona_2013_fall_summer 2014_lovelifelovefashion 2

Sadly enough we were too tired to still go to Pravda and Tosca. We did everything by foot and all those goodie bags were starting to weigh. And the rain didn’t help either. ^^ So lessons learnt for next year: start with the agencies that are far away, bring a little notebook and if possible, use the two days. Although we didn’t rush what so ever, having the two days allow you to socialize more and makes it possible to enjoy even more of the city itself.

Again a big thank you to Making Waves, UPR and Oona. You all rock. Big time! Thanks for the invite and the experience. Loved every bit of it.