A few days ago I experienced a new side of the blogging/fashion/PR world from up close: Press Days! Boy what an extraordinary experience. But what is it exactly?Well, it’s actually a day that different PR agencies open their doors for press (bloggers = press = yay!) and at those days, they will show all the upcoming collections of the brands they represent. This gives us a clear few on the upcoming trends and key pieces that will be “hot”. The more a certain element comes back (in different collections and different brands) the more likely these are the items we already wanna invest in! ^^

Clearly, I saw lots of beautiful next-season trends and collections which I’m dying to show you! Of course I can’t show everything, so I’ve just picked out a few of my favorites. But feel free to ask if you want to see more!

1. MediaMania PR

Together with Liese of catsanddresses we started off at MediaMania. An enormous showroom, breakfast, the smell of fresh coffee, Duc d’oh Truffels and a private tour, made me believe we arrived at a VIP store.

Pressdays_MediaManiaPR_2013_fall_summer 2014_lovelifelovefashion_Pinko Studs and metallic details in Pinko’s range of accessories.
Pressdays_MediaManiaPR_2013_fall_summer 2014_lovelifelovefashion_Julia June

Julia June will have some of the most amazing soft colors and great fabrics next season. The whole collection radiates class and luxury. So does the price, sadly enough. :(

Pressdays_MediaMania_2013_fall_summer 2014_lovelifelovefashion_Maruti A big YAY! crossed my mind when I saw these. So happy that animal prints will remain popular next season and that they keep coming up with new creative items that feature the print. The Maruti shoes on the right just had the coolest inner sole print I’ve ever seen.

Pressdays_MediaManiaPR_2013_fall_summer 2014_lovelifelovefashion_Dolce and Gabanna Soft pastel colors are also coming back in accessories. This was one of my favorites of the Dolce & Gabanna sunglasses line. The details of these sunnies are just amazing.

Pressdays_MediaMania_2013_fall_summer 2014_lovelifelovefashion_swimwear

Swim- and underwear with cute prints and lots of color just made me crave summer. Instant happy vibes.

2. Besteller PR

Next up was Bestseller. They’re located in an amazing building which just breaths history and character, just like a lot of brands they represent.

Pressdays_Bestseller_2013_fall_summer 2014_lovelifelovefashion_intro

Pressdays_Bestseller_2013_fall_summer 2014_lovelifelovefashion_VilaAlso Vila showed lots of soft colors. Next to this, they also will bring quite some black & white items and long maxi-dresses next season. Their collection for the upcoming holidays is in one word: amazing.

Pressdays_Bestseller_2013_fall_summer 2014_lovelifelovefashion_Junarose Juna Rose had quite some basics that I just absolutely adore. In need of some casual chic someone?!

Pressdays_Bestseller_2013_fall_summer 2014_lovelifelovefashion_Object Loved loved loved the Object collection for the upcoming holidays. Lots of black & white pieces, finished with beautiful subtle details. Oh yes, and this way too awesome faux leather jacket will be available in January for about €80. Can’t wait to go get my hands on this bad boy.

Pressdays_Bestseller_2013_fall_summer 2014_lovelifelovefashion_Selected I discovered Selected Femme in the beginning of this year. Now I’m seeing it everywhere with beautiful pieces. Although they have pieces that are quite expensive, lots of items are still affordable.

Pressdays_Bestseller_2013_fall_summer 2014_lovelifelovefashion

3. De Hovre PR

Only a block away we had De Hovre, a PR agency that represents almost only Belgian brands. They are located in a new building, very modern yet warm at the same time, and with lots of different levels. (Note to self: be sure to mind the steps! ^^)

Pressdays_De Hovre_2013_fall_summer 2014_lovelifelovefashion 3

Pressdays_De Hovre_2013_fall_summer 2014_lovelifelovefashion

Pressdays_De Hovre_2013_fall_summer 2014_lovelifelovefashion 2 Clio Goldenbrenner’s brand is buzzing this year and I totally see why. The longer I look at the upcoming collection, the more I love it. (The price … not so much.)

Pressdays_De Hovre_2013_fall_summer 2014_lovelifelovefashion_twice as niceFine elegant jewelry is something I always loved. Next season there will clearly be a shift where brands leave the big statement accessories for what they are and concentrate on more subtle pieces. Just loved these.

Pressdays_De Hovre_2013_fall_summer 2014_lovelifelovefashion_MaviMavi is the only non-Belgian brand they represent and unlike what I thought, prices are still reasonable (± €75 for a jeans). They have lots of models and come with new fun colors every season. Really liked this denim shirt and shorts with lace.

Pressdays_De Hovre_2013_fall_summer 2014_lovelifelovefashion 4And as if we hadn’t eaten enough food yet, these were just all smiling too much to simply ignore. Attack! THIS. IS. SPARTA. PRESS DAYS.

That’s it for now sweeties. Still a few to come but I’ve decided to split up my Press Days article into two parts. Absorb this information and let it settle a bit. (Maybe do a facial mask or take a nap?) Part two is coming soon!

Kisses and a big thank you to MediaMania, Bestseller and De Hovre for the invite, the tour and kindness. You all rock! Big time.