A bit later than expected but here is part II about the press days. (See part I here) Equally fun, again lots of great food and more awesome brands and collections to discover.

To get that extra bit of energy in the afternoon we’ve started off with a delicious cocktail at Bestseller PR. Didn’t took very long to finish this little glas of yumminess.



While enjoying my cocktail, I was also checking out the upcoming Vila and Vero Moda collection. Really keep an eye on it because it has some gems! On the right you see one of my favorite pieces.


Ooh how I regret not trying this one. But hey, I was still stuffed from our lunch at Maison PR. Okay, and that gigantic brownie/cookie has maybe something to do with it too.


Too. Many. Great. Items. at Media Mania. Seriously, this is just a small part of the entire showroom. On the right you see a piece of the Fred Perry for Amy Winehouse foundation collection.


These two pairs of heels made my heart skip a beat. Aren’t they gorgeous? They’re actually part of the younger collection of Guess which is called Marciano by Guess. (Want!)


Of course, Guess itself also had some pretty items! Like these sneakers and the red/bordeaux ombre like pumps. B-E-A-U-TIFUL.



Next up: Some amazing pieces of art. These details on these Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses are handmade. If I think back on their previous collection, they really have an eye for detail when it comes to sunglasses (get it? ^^).

You’ve already seen a sneak peek of this collection in my Julia June post from a few weeks ago, but now it was time for the rest of the press to see this collection. And honestly, I loved it even more than the first time I saw it.


At the left I’m trying out sunglasses by Adidas (that’s not a duckface by the way!) and on the right pretty Marutis with a high cuteness factor. They got officially wishlisted.

say cheese!

At D’hovre PR they had fresh juices by JusJus and sushi. Njomnjom, don’t mind if I do.


Did I already mention that zebra print will be the new leopard print next season?! So go get ‘m tiger! Uuh, zebra.

On the left you see a few items by LOLO. A belgian brand, handmade in Italy. On the right you see my favorite statement piece by Fiona Paxton. Mind blowing right?!

Aaah, the new Clio Goldbrenner collection. I really don’t have words for it. I didn’t see one piece I didn’t love so I photographed about every piece! (Oops!) But showing them all would be overkill. (I think? ^^) By the way, the small ones you see are keychains. Adorable right?



To finish up, we could get a make-up touch-up and try out the babydoll lipstick/blush from YSL. What a magical thing!


That’s it. After this long day of walking, talking and eating I was exhausted. But luckily I didn’t had to go that far because my boyfriend and I booked a night in Antwerp. So the only thing that was left to do was walk to the restaurant, meet up with my man and eat the best scampi in a curry/apple sauce in the world.

Great way to end a great day. See you all next time and thanks for the invite!

Kisses from Germany.