Aah, press days, always so much fun! You basically discover upcoming trends and collections, meet new people and get to eat lots of great food. What’s not to like?!

Together with Kim, we went to about 7 PR agencies (all by foot if I may add! *browniepoints!*). We saw loads of great things, but obviously, I can’t show you guys everything. So I’ll limit it to the things I personally really liked.

So Basic is a brand I had heard of before but didn’t really know that well. Fair is fair, after seeing some pieces I was hooked. Especially this pair of trousers. Comfy, yet chic. Me likey!


Many of you know I’m a big sucker for these kind of minimalistic pieces, so no surprise that I adore these items from Les Bijoux De Marie France. And while I was looking at these, those Ice Glam watches of Ice Watch (above) already cached my eye from a distance. They look so clean and elegant that the only thing to do is to fall in love with them. And those colors, I mean wow!


Just as last time I loved the interior of Oona PR — it draws you inside to discover new things. And boy did we discover.



This palette from BE Creative is made especially for Mother’s Day and will hit the Ici Paris stores any minute now. My Mom doesn’t really use eye shadow so I decided to get this one for myself. Neutral colors, two matt colors and a few bright ones. And that lipstick, ah what can I say, I totally get why it’s so popular…


A wall of fame jewelry. What a great idea to present pieces of Titto. On the left you can see my favorite statement piece of the collection.


Komono watches I had already seen. But I wasn’t aware that this was actually a Belgian brand (*proud*). They’ll bring a collection where each print will only be used once. Awesome idea!


Next up was Maison PR. They’re new in Belgium but already proved themselves in the Netherlands. We immediately got spoiled and they offered something to drink and eat as it was lunch time. The tour itself was given by Sidney, and really, loved your enthusiasm, dude!



Keds is a brand with some awesome sneakers! I especially loved the ones with snake pattern and these bordeaux ones. What about you?


Loafers are another type of shoes that can’t be missing from your closet. These from Flossy are pretty unique. Not only do they look great, the sole has a sentence. Cherry, Vanilla, you name it! Seriously good sh*t! But granted, it looks pretty creepy when you’re sniffing a shoe…

That’s it for now sweeties. Still a few to come but I’ll do that in another post. So stay tuned for part II. For now, love to hear if I mentioned brands above you didn’t know or really like/dislike.