Today was the official opening of a brand new H&M store in Lochristi. I was super excited when I heard this news because it’s only a few minutes away from my parents and less than a minute away from my gym. One very happy coincidence if you ask me! ;-)

After checking out this new affiliate I can honestly say: if I’d have had an approval stamp (oh how I would love that!), I would’ve used it all over the store! The store looks great and has lots of space. And even though there’s only one floor, everything is well organized and there’s a nice atmosphere. Only missed a few mirrors.

HM_Lochristi_StoreOpening_Lovelifelovefashion ARed carpet, music, cutting a ribbon and the whole shazam. And that so close to home.


HM_Lochristi_StoreOpening_Lovelifelovefashion accessories women Like always, lots of nice things so you don’t know where to look first…

HM_Lochristi_StoreOpening_Lovelifelovefashion accessories menWe also checked out the men’s department and even found a saweet sweater for the boyfriend.

HM_Lochristi_StoreOpening_Lovelifelovefashion accessoriesLots of bling bling to choose from. This awesome ring went home with me and I can’t wait to wear it for a new outfit post.

HM_Lochristi_StoreOpening_Lovelifelovefashion BAfter snooping around, it was time to take everything to the counter. This sweater, the ring as shown before and a simple dress are now proudly part of my wardrobe.

HM_Lochristi_StoreOpening_Lovelifelovefashion CI’m convinced that I will have less problems to go to the gym from now on. Warming up at H&M?! Check!

You can find the store at Antwerpsesteenweg 98, 9080 Lochristi.