Do you also love dinner parties but hate the clean-up? Do you like having friends over but simply lack the space?  Well, hold on to your chair, because I have some awesome news for you. Just the week before we went on our break in France, I got invited to discover the IKEA gäst house in Brussels. Yea, that’s a nice “the IKEA what house” face you have there. Imagine: a great setting, lovely food & drinks and a bunch of fun people. You can see it as a functional pop-up apartment, completely decorated with IKEA stuff (obviously).

And this apartment has been designed especially for you. Yes, you…!

The purpose of the IKEA gäst house is to give you the opportunity to win a night out with 11 friends. Just some good old fun, great food, cool drinks, good company and no worries. All wrapped up in an inspirational setting.

Sounds like the thing for you? Head over to the IKEA website and you might just end up winning a delicious night with a great setting. 

Oh, by the way: for those who follow my home-to-be articles on the blog (or via Misterdesign or vtwonen): how great does the apartment actual look!? We got so much new and fun ideas to integrate in our own place.

Ikea-Gäst_house_win_visit-food_friends_ideas_inspiration_home_picture_by_John-Stapels_lovelifelovefashion-1 Ikea-Gäst_house_win_visit-food_friends_ideas_inspiration_home_picture_by_John-Stapels_lovelifelovefashion-2Ikea-Gäst_house_win_visit-food_friends_ideas_inspiration_home_picture_by_John-Stapels_lovelifelovefashion-5Ikea-Gäst_house_win_visit-food_friends_ideas_inspiration_home_picture_by_John-Stapels_lovelifelovefashion-4 Ikea-Gäst_house_win_visit-food_friends_ideas_inspiration_home_picture_by_John-Stapels_lovelifelovefashion-6Ikea-Gäst_house_win_visit-food_friends_ideas_inspiration_home_picture_by_John-Stapels_lovelifelovefashion-3 Ikea-Gäst_house_win_visit-food_friends_ideas_inspiration_home_picture_by_John-Stapels_lovelifelovefashion-7Ikea-Gäst_house_win_visit-food_friends_ideas_inspiration_home_picture_by_John-Stapels_lovelifelovefashion-11 Ikea-Gäst_house_win_visit-food_friends_ideas_inspiration_home_picture_by_John-Stapels_lovelifelovefashion-8 Ikea-Gäst_house_win_visit-food_friends_ideas_inspiration_home_picture_by_John-Stapels_lovelifelovefashion-9 Ikea-Gäst_house_win_visit-food_friends_ideas_inspiration_home_picture_by_John-Stapels_lovelifelovefashion-10Pictures by John Stapels (with exception of the cover picture).