Why should we go to a jewelry store if we can bring one to us?! (*lazy mode*) Let’s face it, what’s more fun than being with friends, trying on pretty jewelry while having drinks and eating fingerlickin’ appetizers. So that’s what I did — I organized a Sens Jewels evening at my place (think of Tupperware or Upperdare nights but with less kitchen gear and fewer vibrations).

And the best thing of it all: you have about 10 people around you when you need an extra opinion on whether or not that necklace suits you! (Warning: this doesn’t guarantee an easier decision. Not. At. All.)











I can honestly tell that every one of my friends saw something they loved. Crazy when I think about it, as our tastes couldn’t be more opposite.

Prices can vary a lot. And granted, some of them were a bit on the expensive side, but keeping in mind that these are all hand-made and that the quality is great, makes it totally worth it!

Wanna organize an evening like this yourself or simply order something? Definitely have a look at the Sens Jewels Facebook page. For booking your own night of fun, feel free to call Sandina, the person behind Sens Jewels, on 0473 969 230 or email here on sandina.broodcooren@gmail.com. Obviously, there are some great benefits for the host. Do I need to say more? ;-)