Hiya lovebirds! Mondays are never much fun. Unless you can go to a Sam Edelman event of course! We had the honour to check out the F/W 2014/2015 collection and even the S/S 2015 collection. BOOM! Monday turned into awesomeness.

The Fall/Winter collection can be divided in 4 groups: Girl’s Club, Lolita, Depth of Field and Winter Boho.


Sam Edelman_Fall_Winter_2014_Collectie_New_event_lovelifelovefashion






Unfortunately the spring/summer collection was an exclusive preview. Meaning that we can’t share those pics yet. But trust me when I say that everyone will see at least one must-have pair.

In the meanwhile, I did my best to find out which pairs of each collection are already available. So hide away those creditcards if you’re on a no-buy strike. You’ve been warned. Proceed at own risk.


The cherry on the pie of this event… *drum rolls* – we could actually pick out a pair of Sam’s. *Say Whaaat?!* I know, crazy. But-oh-so-awesome. I was doubting between a beautiful pair of dark brown ankle boots or a pair of open high heels (I know, not really winter-proof). I’ll let you know which pair I eventually picked once they arrive. ;)


So tell me, which pair is your favorite?

1. Balfour – €239.57
2. Chester – €190
3. Ridge – €279.49
4.  Jodie – €247.55
5. Boots – €226
6. Printed pumps – €165
7. T-strap pumps – €220
8. Suede printed ponyskin boots – €303
9. Suede ankle boots – €190
10. Meshed heels – €220.00
11. Suede pumps – €190