You might have seen it in newspapers (the Belgian ones at least) but JuliaJune will take over the well known patisserie Fevery and turn it into a little cozy boutique. I know, mixed feelings, right? This bakery was a big favorite of many Ghent citizens and beyond, including myself. (Then again, I’m a big fan of many bakeries.) But don’t we have enough stores and boutiques already?

Julia-June_Patisserie-Fevery_Ghent_Gent_New-beginning_lovelifelovefashion-13Now don’t go all harsh on me. Let me explain… We also got to see the basement, the place were all the magic happened and we had a talk with the (ex-)owners while they were taking their last loads of goods out of the oven. (Don’t start sobbing yet.) The talk made us realize that they are in peace with the future of this little piece of culture. And if they are okay with it, why shouldn’t we be.

Julia-June_Patisserie-Fevery_Ghent_Gent_New-beginning_lovelifelovefashion-1DSo the evening turned out the be one of celebrating what was, and embracing what will come. And although the store will only open its doors in August, we had the chance to be there this week and get a sneak peek of the fall/winter collection in the original bakery scenery. Imagine bread and sweets being replaced by beautiful pieces of fabric, champagne and a DJ. My brain is so confused.

Julia-June_Patisserie-Fevery_Ghent_Gent_New-beginning_lovelifelovefashion-1AAren’t these the cutest?! I. LOVE. THEM.





Julia-June_Patisserie-Fevery_Ghent_Gent_New-beginning_lovelifelovefashion-9 Had a lovely evening with these girls. (check out their blog here and here)



Julia-June_Patisserie-Fevery_Ghent_Gent_New-beginning_lovelifelovefashion-1EDamn you JuliaJune, I’ve been craving for summer for weeks, but seeing this collection made me secretly look forward to next winter.

Bye bye Fevery, you were truly one of a kind. Welcome JuliaJune, may this be a wonderful adventure.

The store will be ready in August 2014. You can find it in Brabantdam 8, 900 Ghent.