Hi guys, with all the apartment drama/frustrations going on (running into some problems #sighs #superbummed) the invite to go brunching and try out the newest flavors of the all mighty Cuberdon — also known as Neuzekes in Ghent — came like a godsend. The perfect way to get my mind off of things. The fairytale location for this event was the barn of Alix – Table & Jardin d’ Amis. A relatively new place in Ghent where you can go and find everything delicious. And that barn is just amazing. The perfect location to throw an intimate party.

Going out to have brunch, honestly, it was my first time. Like the interior addict I’ve become, the table decoration and atmosphere immediately got me all excited. It all fell so surreal. A little like a Pinterest moodboard. When they started to bring in the (massive amount of) food, I started feeling like a kid in a candy shop. Oh wait, it kinda was a candy shop! Breakfast, lunch and candy?! #hallelujah




On top of all the food, we had to make sure to keep some free space to taste some new Cuberdon flavors. For those who don’t know this type of candy: it’s super sweet, pretty heavy but crazy good. The originals are purple, but recently they started to make some variants. They now also come in pink, blue (both gluten-free) and the originals that are dipped into milk- or dark chocolate.

These sweets are to Ghent what the Eifel Tower is to Paris. A big thing. Only our mini Eifel towers are eatable. Beats the Eifel Tower any day. ^^

bloggersbrunch-gent-ghent-neuzekes-geldhof-Alix-Table-&-Jardin-d'Amis-yapado-event-brunch-2Conclusion of the tasting? The Originals are still the best. ^^ But of all the new ones, my top 3 in the picture above. Starting with the milk chocolate dipped Cuberdon. Surprisingly enough a great combination and not too sweet. Second place went to the blue ones (blueberry). I really like the taste although I have to admit that blue candy always look a little chemical to me. Bronze went to the strawberry flavor.



bloggersbrunch-gent-ghent-neuzekes-geldhof-Alix-Table-&-Jardin-d'Amis-yapado-event-brunch-8bloggersbrunch-gent-ghent-neuzekes-geldhof-Alix-Table-&-Jardin-d'Amis-yapado-event-brunch-1A big thanks to Yapado for the invite, Confiserie Geldhof for the extra stash of Cuberdons (the boyfriend is very grateful), and these pretty ladies for the wonderful company!