Hi guys, for those who missed the big news, the boyfriend and I took a major leap towards the future and bought an apartment. A freakin apartment in the centre of Ghent! How cool is that! Okay, some people ask me right away why we – for heaven’s sake – didn’t just buy a house with a garden. Neh, give us the centre with a massive green park in front, and we have the best of both worlds.

Because it’s a completely new building, we have the freedom to choose all kinds of stuff when it comes to finishing. Think about it, someone saying that exact sentence to you. Doesn’t that sound like music to your ears!?

Knowing this, the search for inspiration, information and options has started. Like big time. Really, I can wake up in the middle of the night to share a thought with the boyfriend. Apparently I’m super creative in my dreams. ^^

Moodboards are being made, ideas are being invented, Pinterest has been my new n°1 partner in crime, and no kitchen store is safe for us.

Because some of you asked if regular updates were coming, I figured the start of everything and the entire process is just as exciting as the actual end result. So there you have it, some of the moodboards I created (including trial and errors) when it comes to the kitchen area.


project keuken-dok noord-B



project living room-dok noord-B



project bathroom-dok noord-B



project slaapkamer-dok noord-B



project dressing-dok noord-B



project hall-dok noord-BDjeez, I’m way to fanatic when I look back on the things I’ve already done. And I’m not even sharing everything over here.

Next on the planning: actually going to a store, getting a 3D render of our possibly future kitchen (together with a reality check whether or not our idea is feasible with the budget we have), picking floors and deciding whether or not to go for a walk-in shower with floors that continue all the way through the room.