Hiya fellow interior junkies. I’m really excited to tell you about my newest collaboration: a few months ago I started blogging for vtwonen.

Can I get a whoop whoop!

If the name doesn’t ring a bell: vtwonen is a big online (design) interior webshop/platform within Belgium and the Netherlands, that also has its own and very popular magazine. I’ve been buying (and loving) their magazines for years now, so it goes without saying that I felt super honoured when they asked me to write for their blog. 


But to get to the point… I’ve been writing on their blog about our very own home-to-be bucket list. Last year we bought an apartment in Ghent, and while we are waiting for constructions to come to an end, we kinda ended up making some kind of bucket list along the way to turn our little apartment into a perfect home.

Why you should head over to the vtwonen blog!

First of all you can find our first 5 bucket list items already. From savings tips into buying a badass designer eye-catcher, to ways of giving existing interior items a new life. Add a couple of fun DIY projects, how to integrate nature in your home and how you can create an original big-ass fotowall and you get a preview of some of our plans. Another great reason is to get inspired by the other vtwonen bloggers of course. ^^


And stay tuned, because there’s more to come! To give you a few examples of things that are also on our home-to-be bucketlist and which will be covered during to coming months:

#projecthometobe | The Bucket List

  • Create a super practical and personalized (low-budget) wardrobe
  • Get more out of our mezzanine #crazyDIYalert
  • Play with marble details
  • Create a beautiful make-up corner
  • Play with round shapes
  • Finally get that dreamy all-white bedroom
  •  …

And that’s just to name a few. The list actually goes on for a while. Conclustion: fun (and busy) times ahead! ^^


Like to read the first 4 articles I wrote for vtwonen? Hurry and get your bum to their blog!