Even though it’s totally allowed these days to mix and match different chairs at the dining or kitchen table, I still prefer the classic way: all the same chairs. Call me boring, but I prefer to add some variation by searching for a perfect desk chair, a cool and comfortable side chair or a massive statement rocking chair.

As luck would have it, the last couple of months I’ve found a few of those one of a kind pieces. In other words: more dilemmas and decisions to be made. ^^ #luxuryproblems

Care to see which beauties made it to my top 5?

1. Vitra Eames RAR rocking chair

My ultimate number one to this day has to be this classic Vitra piece. Not only does it look gorgeous, a rocking chair just adds that extra level of coziness to a home. Sitting in one with a cup of tea or a hot coco, wrapped up in a fluffy blanket and a fun track playing on the background… what else does a person need. Okay sure, add a christmas tree with some Xmas gifts underneath it and it’s picture perfect. But also during Summers I can see the advantage of having one. Because it can be easily placed outside to enjoy some great late-summer-nights.


left: via nordicleaves.com | middle: via planete-deco.fr | right: via Kristina Miletieva

2. Artifort 500 series rocking chair

Even though the Vitra Eames has been high on the wish list for many years now, I have to admit that I spontaneously felt butterflies when I spotted this Artifort chair. That color, the shape, the simplicity and the comfort it radiates. A beautiful piece of furniture that definitely deserves a spot in my top 5.Only downside? The price tag. If you thought that the previous one was expensive, think again. Because saving for this beauty will take about 4 times as long. Either way, not the biggest surprise seeing how it can be a true statement piece for each household.


via misterdesign

3. HAY About A Lounge chair

For those who get seasick right away and who’d rather stay away from rocking chairs, this HAY beauty was created. Seems to me the perfect piece to use as a side chair in the bedroom, right? Somewhere between the bed and the closet. That way, we can sit while decide what to wear! #lazypatatoe

If we would have the space to create an extra lounge corner (or if we would simply have a large sitting area) this one would  be perfect for it!


left: via lunehjem.no | right: via fancy.com

4.  Pastoe KM05 Wire Stool

From big and very present to minimalistic. The simplistic design of this wired Pastoe stool might be very low-key, it still stands out. Less is more really pops to mind. And yup! This one will be bought for sure. The white version.

Which room this one will end up in… not sure to be honest. But it doesn’t really matter seeing how I already see the potential of this one. The Force is strong with this one. We could use it as a desk-chair, a side chair for the bathroom, a little stool to sit while doing my make-up, or we could just give it a spot in the hallway to easily put our shoes on. The possibilities seem endless. And because it’s so compact and minimalistic, it’s perfect for smaller homes. #boeyaah


Pictures by pastoe.com, jandejong

5. Pastoe SM05 Wire Chair

Kinda like the big brother of the Wire stool. Bigger and just as beautiful. Whenever our dining chairs need replacement, these will be it! Still all the same but perhaps a mix of different colors to make it a little playful.


Pictures by pastoe.com

Which one is your favorite of this Top 5? 

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