There was a time when a rug was a no-no — the only person able to get away with it being your grandma. But times are a changing! And rugs are back from the past. And cooler than ever. Eastern/Persian carpets, patch work, round, vintage, animal skins, wool, all the colours of the rainbow, crazy patterns, or super minimalistic — you name it. We’ve never had more choices than today.

This makes choosing not the slightest bit easier unfortunately. And we found out first hand… because one thing’s for sure, finding the ideal carpet for our project home-to-be quickly proved to be the single most difficult quest. After we’d had almost given up all hope of ever finding the perfect one, everything went into hyperdrive as soon as I discovered (Thank you Instagram gods!)

After some browsing, I quite quickly encountered two items that immediately triggered a big fat YES! inside of my head. Not just one, but two! Can you believe it. So now that we had narrowed it down to two, we just had to choose which one we liked best. Easy, right? Right…?


The name is Nancy!

Although I loved the pattern of the left one and it looks super comfy and soft, the right one was different from all rugs we’d had seen before. Plus it has these different shades of white/beige and some green/blue on top. Something we actually wanted in the beginning of our search, but gave up on because we thought we were searching for something that didn’t exist yet. ^^

After some doubting we decided to just go for the thing we initially wanted (the right one in case that wasn’t clear yet).^^ And the name is Nancy! A beautiful hand-woven rug made out of wool and sisal rope & safe for the boyfriend with asthma and allergies.

And look at it! It’s just perfect… because of the different color shades it works perfectly with our other interior accessories. One of the biggest advantages if you go for a multi coloured carpet… it’s much easier to get that perfect colour match. Struggling with the size? Also that they got covered at vloerkledenwinkel. Because you can even get your favourite rug custom sized.


Tips & tricks

So be warned: a rug can really bring the whole room together, but finding the right one isn’t easy. To help you find that perfect one yourself, keep in mind these tips & tricks when you’re on a quest of your own.

Firstly, always keep in mind the available space. Placing a too small or too large a carpet will shrink the room. Ideally you end up with 30 to 60 cm of space between the rug and the wall. So be sure to measure upfront or even make a quick sketch of what it could/should look like.

Your lifestyle and family dynamics vs the room. Kids at home? Clumsy around a glass of wine? Accidents tend to happen, so you might wanna stay away from light colours.

• Sober interior colours? Go crazy and pick a rug with some vibrant colours and patterns. Make sure there’s a nice contrast for that extra wow! factor.

• Do you have someone at home with allergies? Than be sure to take into account the materials used. Because even though it can look very pretty, having someone sneezing all over it isn’t all that.

• Can’t make up your mind? You don’t have to. You can always choose to have multiple rugs cover one another, to add more depth. (Bonus: this also makes it easier to mix things up after a while.)

• Searching for a rug for the sitting area? Golden tip: partially place it underneath the couch to have a much spacious effect. Ditto for your bed.

rug-vloerkleden-tapijt-hunt-zoektocht-groot-inspiratie-zoektocht-mooi-multicolor-groen-keuze-decisions-licht-lovelifelovefashion-3What do you think of the Nancy rug? You like? Or do you prefer the other one more?