Hi, guys. So we have this big pile of magazines and an empty wall (uhu, getting right to the point today ^^). We have this empty wall where we really wanna put a beautiful piece of furniture, that can give the room both storage space, character and an extra dimension. It would be one of only a few pieces of furniture in this room and most of it will be really simple. So the piece for this wall can have that extra sometin’ sometin’.

As I’m talking only 90cm high, finding the right dimensions has proven to be tricky. We’re thinking about those beautiful design tv furniture you see everywhere these days. Even though many of those are created to be used with a television, they work just as well without. If not better. Something that we recently saw and really really like is the piece below: the Aura storage closet by Treku. They have different setups and you can choose between tons of colors for both the closet or the detailed parts (below in wood). But we kinda dig the white/wood combo.

So, all things considered: White: check! Wood: check! Storage space: check! And because of the playfulness between white and wood = extra dimension= check! We’re planning on going for a similar setup for our stair closet, so it would also fit the bigger picture.

Aura-Opbergkast-van-Treku-design-misterdesign-lovelifelovefashionAt the same time, I can’t help myself considering the modular system by the hand of Nisse Strinning. I’m sure you’ll recognise it when you see it! ;) Yep, the String Furniture system. Three of those cabinets would fit perfectly as well. The benefit of this option is that we could always give it a new place whenever we wanna mix up the interior a little. We could easily extend it or divide it into two smaller pieces. It maybe also feel “lighter” because it’s kinda floating. Easy to clean and it makes a room look bigger. Aaargh, dilemmas. ^^ String-furniture-systeem-Opbergkast-nisse-strinning-design-misterdesign-lovelifelovefashion

Which one do you like more? We’ve decided like just now which one it will be. So stay tuned! ^^

Cover picture via 99architecture.com