Sunday: a beautiful sunny day. After being a couch potato, I opened up my laptop to check the innumerable amount of mails I ignored strategically for several days because of the good weather. However, the weekly newsletter of Misterdesign is, with a handful of other emails, one that immediately gets my attention. And with a subject as ‘Coming Soon’ …, let’s say an email never seemed to take so long to open.

The brand new Black Bird Collection which was presented, immediately got me excited. Beautiful cabinets with clean lines and a sleek design. Hopefully they’ll come with a white frame one day. (Sorry, having an “all white” phase.)

Anyway, le moment supreme really came when I came across the announcement of String Furniture. Coming. Soon. Such great words. Especially because we’re playing with the idea for a while now to use this system for a narrow high wall in our apartment.

After something that was suppose to look like a little happy dance and an enthusiastic shout to the boyfriend, I immediately got that research itch.

You know the drill: you find something fun, and like a sponge you want to absorb everything there is to know about. Before you realise, you’re devouring numerous websites that will lead you on to Pinterest and some hours further. Completely isolated in your little inspirational bubble. Social? Not really. Fun? 100%. ^^


On the official String website you can play with all of the individual elements. Puzzling for adults sort of speak. Of course I had to give it a try. And yep, it kept me busy for a while as it is pretty addictive. The only downside to it: my doubt between all-white or white combined with light wood. They are both so-ooo pretty, but the combination with wood I find really beautiful. Light and airy but still warm. But combined with our wood tile flooring… perhaps this color combo is not the best option to go for after all. What do you think?


There are more things between which you can pick besides the color. Heights and depths to begin with. But there are also plenty of options to divide your new shelving unit. Shelves of different sizes, a cabinet with drawers, one with sliding doors (including a version with transparent doors to display beautiful things), magazine holders and they also have desk options. Oh, and how great are those plastic trays where you can leave some small things in?! The options are truly endless. A real Walhalla for the creative minds or interior junkies among us.

small-string-furniture-coming-soon-te-koop-misterdesign-interieur-inspiratie-lovelifelovefashion-2That being said, at that time my stomach started rumbling. Time for breakfast, another sunny day and lots to think about!

What do you think of the String Furniture modular system? Cool? Practical? Boring? Perfect? Love to hear your thoughts!

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