Hi, babes! How is everyone doing? I’m pretty excited. Excited because a few weeks ago, we had our very first appointment to go see our home-to-be, now that the constructions have progressed far enough. Today we can call ourselves proud owners of a roof, walls and very soon some windows. Yay!

Seeing all those different rooms made me think about the usefulness of little walls, passage ways or small corners. They often seem like useless spots, but after an hour of ‘Pinterest and Misterdesign to-the-rescue’ nothing seemed to be further from the truth. Curious to discover which options I came across to make our little place functional yet pretty?

Muuto dots


We know them all too well by now. The Muuto dots can hardly be called original anymore, but I keep liking them. There’s no denying that these minimalistic beauties are handy. No matter the room, you can use these to give your spaces that little extra. In the bathroom you can use them to hang accessories or your robe, in the hallway they’re perfect to keep your favorite coat, hat or purse. In the bedroom you can hang them purely decoratively or to hang that shirt you still want to wear the day after. A true must-have these dots.

HAY beam coat rack


Another handy piece I came across is this HAY coat rack. Ideally to maximize the use of a small passage way or to pimp that piece of wall at your desk that would otherwise be lost without purpose. Maybe not the main goal of a clothing rack, but the small variant of this one is perfect to cozy-up your working space. Clip-on some cute cards, a motivational quote above it, your favorite book on it, and even a basic light bulb could be integrated. A little creativity can give this little masterpiece a whole new purpose.

Muuto stacked System


When I spotted the Muuto dots, I also fell head over heels in love with their modular stacked systeem. Hanging, attached to the wall, put on legs, all together or as separate pieces, working your height or using your width… it’s all possible. Which is exactly why they’re so interesting. Besides the fact that they just look nice, they’re extremely flexible.

Fancy something else in a year or two? Find another wall, change the formation of the individual pieces et voila. Rather convert it into two small variations? Everything is possible. Handy, right?!

On top of all that, the different available colors give you the freedom to mix and match according to what works best for your interior or existing color scheme. Worst case scenario, you just take the basic white parts and go for a quick stop to the closest DIY shop to get some paint.

Yup… this might be the perfect option to practically use our long but small wall in the living area. It could transform this little — kinda lost — corner into a sea of storage space while still looking mighty fine. What do you guys think?

Malm bed

slim-opbergen-interieur-tips-kleine-ruimte-praktisch-bergruimte-DIY-muuto-living-HAY-dots-kapstok-lovelifelovefashion-home-dok-noord-4Picture left via sugarandcloth.com | Right via IKEA.com

Finally, there is this (known by everyone) famous Ikea bed. Simple yet pretty, cheap yet handy. The extra storage space you win is always welcome. Perfect for bed sheets, hiding your Christmas gifts or to store those remaining 15 pair of shoes you actually don’t wear that often after all.

With some creative DIY work, this basic bedframe can easily be turned into something great. Win-win. Because not only do you end up with an original piece for an affordable price, nobody can take that storagespace away.

Sneak Peek

For the curious ones, below a little sneak peek of our apartment in progress.


Do you guys have a smart storage tip I just need to know about? Shoot! Love to learn. 

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