Singing like a pop star (using your hairbrush as a microphone), scaring yourself with your just-out-of-bed look, discovering that your zit is f-i-n-a-l-l-y gone… No matter how you turn it, most of our days start in the bathroom. To be able to start those as well as possible, we already started planning for this room. The goal: a bathroom that gives us an instant happy feeling. A.k.a. clean, cozy, organized and with a warm Scandinavian touch.

To keep it clean and organized, we need closet space though. Quite the challenge seeing how our bathroom-to-be will be tiny. Ini mini tiny. As like 5m² tiny. BUT that doesn’t stop us from getting the best out of it and turn it into a little oasis.

In the meanwhile, we have a pretty clear vision of what it should look like. Curious to see the plans?


Bath vs shower

Looking back at the square meters we have, it’s obvious: definitely a shower. No problem what so ever for us seeing how we don’t feel the need to have a tub anyways. To make that shower a little more luxurious, we plan to install a rain shower (oolala). Nothing fancy look-wise (or budget-wise), we’re going for the experience. To make the space feel like it’s actually larger than it is, we chose a clean see-through shower frame with almost no profiles. The shower tray itself will be an extra flat one so it’s on the same level as the floor.

Bathroom cabinet

This little puppy is where most of the money will go to. The custom floating cabinet itself is something my Dad will make. Pfew! Plan is to let it fit in perfectly between 2 walls. The countertop on the other hand is a whole other story. This one should be custom-made with incorporated basins. In other words, the next few months we’ll be drinking and eating water and dry bread. ^^

The big advantage of this custom-made piece is lots of closet-space and no waste. On top of this, I hope that the horizontal lines of the cabinet will make the room look bigger than it is. #WishfullThinking

Above the bathroom cabinet we will hang a thin mirrored cupboard. Again making it fit perfectly between the two walls to create horizontal lines. The mirrors are there to make the room looks spacious, the closets to get extra storage space, obviously.


Towl holder

We plan to do something fun and original with this. Seeing how we can’t go without but we lack the space, we play with the idea to go very minimalistic. A simple frame that you attach to the ceiling or wall et voila. Pretty, no disturbing element and practical. Hopefully something we can make ourselves. And with ‘ourselves’, I obviously mean my Dad. ^^


Toilet space

Talking about morning rituals: It’s that one tiny room where you can totally experiment with the setting. What exactly to do with it, we’re not 100% sure yet. We’re thinking to maybe paint a wall in mint, or maybe use a pastel wallpaper to create depth. Either way, one thing’s for sure: Last weekend I spotted some beautiful items such as the little hooks and minimalistic toilet holder below. Beautiful, no?!

What do you guys think by the way? The black or copper holder?


Towl hooks brass/copper: Ferm LivingWallpaper mint: Ferm Living | Toilet holder brass/copper/wood: Ferm LivingToilet holder black: Ferm Living

Finishing touch

To get that final touch, you need little must-haves. Not too many to avoid a messy impression, yet just enough to avoid a clinical look. Below some favorites!


Grid laundry basket: Ferm Living | Half moon basket: Ferm Living | Molly Bowl marble: Louise Roe | Marble/brass/copper candleholders: MENU

What do you think of our plan? Suggestions or ideas are always welcome! ^^

Like to read the Dutch version of this guest post I wrote for MisterDesign? You can find it here.