If you ask me, round mirrors are waaaay underrated. Fortunately they’re working on a major come-back. Let’s be honest for a second, round mirrors are just so much cooler than the classic square-shaped versions. You can play with different sizes and colors or you can decide to place one massive round mirror. Or also very on-trend is to hang your round mirror with a chain or leather strap.

MisterDesign, Gastblog Aurélie, Ronde design spiegels
Picture left and right via decoist.com | Picture middle via dwr.com

Gastblog, Misterdesign Aurelie, Ronde Spiegels
Picture via homedecorbydana | westelm.com | redfoxandwilcox.com.au

For quite some time now we’ve been searching for the perfect mirror for our own hallway. Preferably one without too much fuzz but yet enough character. Just simple, clean and minimalistic.

XXL size

I really love the XXL variants and I think it would be the perfect eye-catcher for our hallway. At the same time, it would really open up the space and make it feel a lot bigger than it actually is. Or at least I hope so. ^^

MisterDesign, Gastblog, Aurelie, Ronde Spiegels
HAY en Petite Friture via Misterdesign | Stockholm via IKEA | Circum via decoist.com

The options

Due to quite some research we’ve already spotted a few contenders. One of them being the HAY Strap Mirror. This one is available in 2 sizes: 50cm and 70cm. If we want to keep it more budget-friendly (we’ll have to see at the moment what is possible and what not) I also really like the Stockholm mirror by IKEA.

Another one I absolutely adore is the Circum mirror! With its thin minimalistic frame and large sizes (70cm, 90cm or 110cm) this would be perfect for our hallway. The mirrored glass itself is also special: it has this grey or pink undertone depending on what you want. Too bad they don’t have a version with a white frame. ^^

Than another big contender is this beauty by Petite Friture, the Francis mirror. A one of a kind mirror that is at the same time a piece of art.

Do you know another lovely big round mirror? Love to hear! I can use all the input you’ve got. Oh, and what do you prefer? Round mirrors or rectangular mirrors?

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